The Neg Coach

The Neg Coach


If your organisation is looking for Negotiation Training or to transform the status quo into a new and better vision then SLP Consulting & Training Ltd is here to guide you on the journey to success!

We will visit your premises or arrive at a venue of your choice to deliver a dynamic, inspirational and motivational workshop which will cover the ultimate in Negotiation, Persuasion, Influencing and Personal Impact.

Success, value and return on investment happen as we work to embed the learning and change behaviour for the long term.

Some of our clients simply don’t have the time to invest in long negotiations and secure the best possible deal. Alternatively, some other clients want to up skill and sharpen individual and team Negotiation capability.  Whatever the objective SLP Consulting & Training will take you through every step from preparing your IDEAL to WALK AWAY goals, your approach and your strategy for gaining movement from the other party through effective questioning techniques to trading, bargaining and agreeing the most favourable deal around the key negotiated objective. Not all Negotiations are around monetary gain, sometimes we are negotiating more favourable terms and conditions, longer contract length, total value, relationship and partnership arrangements and sometimes we negotiate to drive the price as low as we can. SLP Consulting & Training will provide tools to guide you through the process to ensure the correct approach from the start. We will consider all alternatives in case of any walk away situations.  You will learn techniques which we will work to embed into your future Negotiation approach which means you will reap your return on investment ten fold in no time at all.

PERSUADE, INFLUENCE, INSPIRE AND MOTIVATE!! whilst driving the best possible deals on every occasion.

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