Inspirational Leadership
This 2 day event will take participants through a Leadership Discovery Programme. We will explore current Leadership skill and capabilities and compare with today’s model of Leadership excellence. The programme will then journey through where each person is now to where they need to be. The programme will be interactive and provide a platform for intense feedback and coaching. Once the second day is complete participants will be inspired and motivated but most importantly will have raised the bar on their Leadership capability and be ready to hit the ground running when they arrive back at their workplace. Sue will follow up with each participant 8 weeks post programme to discuss return on investment and application of new skills.
Presentation Skills
This 2 day event focuses on Presenting with Impact in order to persuade others towards your goal, objective or way of thinking. We will cover each step from the design of the presentation through to delivering on the day. This programme is highly interactive and covers structure, persuasion but also how to engage the audience. We will also explore ‘challenging’ audience members and how to manage those people from ‘difficult’ to ‘agreement’.
Train the Trainer
This 3 day event explores the characteristics of a successful trainer whilst providing an understanding of the psychology of learning. The ultimate aim here is to ensure each participant builds their toolkit around ‘learner centred training’ as opposed to ‘trainer centred training’. During the event participants will build confidence and ensure that every programme they design and/or deliver guarantees engagement and interaction.