Procurement Success Through Negotiation 

This course will uncover the secrets of maximising procurement efficiency through the power of negotiation. During the 1 day event participants will understand and explore ways to identify opportunities for movement in all negotiations and get the best out of suppliers whilst maintaining their trust and respect.

What We Will Cover

The day will include a balance of tutor input and practiced application. Participants will receive intense feedback and coaching to raise confidence levels allowing immediate application of new skills and therefore a guaranteed return on investment for their organisation. Participants will also have networking opportunities helping to increase network connections and sharing of best practices.

What The Course Will Achieve

  • Raise the bar on negotiation capability and improve efficiency of the procurement function
  • Build, maintain and improve supplier relationships whilst gaining trust from both tactical and strategic monopoly scenarios
  • Creating power in a little to no leverage situation
  • Explore and apply a proven toolkit for managing both low cost/low risk and high cost/high risk negotiations
  • Use of tactics and how to counter tactics from the other party to manage and control meetings and create movement
  • Behavioural approach to all negotiations including internal stakeholder discussions
  • Getting the other party to agreement through a structured process

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