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The Negotiator

The aim of this 2-day programme is to provide buyers with a negotiation toolkit to drive better deals and help to unblock supply chain issues. during the day participants will explore the benefits of key negotiation skills and build a toolkit for success. the day will consist of tutor input, practical Exercises, feedback and coaching which will equip buyers with the confidence to apply the learning immediately after they return to the workplace.

What We Will Cover

  • Creating a level playing field with how the group defines negotiation. Why negotiation is a key competency for buyers and exploring the results that successful negotiations can achieve

  • Explore a detailed structure for the process of negotiation which includes a deep dive into actions required for rigorous preparation and planning

  • Viewing negotiation through the eyes of the buyer and the supplier
  • Demonstrating the power of influencing

  • Exploring tactics and tricks used by buyers and sellers

  • New techniques around gamification and AI in negotiation and the value it brings

Negotiation Masterclass

The course will uncover the secrets of Maximising procurement efficiency through the power of negotiation. during the event participants will understand and explore ways to identify opportunities for movement in all negotiations and get the best out of suppliers whilst maintaining their trust and respect. The event will include a balance of tutor input and practical application. participants will Receive intense feedback and coaching to raise confidence levels allowing immediate application of new skills and therefore a Guaranteed return on investment.

The Course Will Achieve

  • Reflecting on personal impact through immersive simulation exercises

  • Building, maintaining and improving supplier relationships whilst gaining trust in both tactical and strategic scenarios

  • Creating power in a little to no leverage situation

  • Exploring and applying a proven toolkit for managing both low cost low risk and high cost high risk negotiations

  • Getting the other party to agreement through a structured process

  • Understanding how negotiation approaches change depending on culture

  • Personal impact in negotiations covering body language, tone of voice, articulation and language that influences

  • Practice sessions where participants will negotiate and receive feedback and coaching

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