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hitting-the-mark-reaching-objectives-picture-id157215480Introduction to SLP Consulting & Training Ltd

SLP Consulting & Training Ltd deliver engaging, interactive and intelligent learning events that change behaviour and deliver a guaranteed return on investment for all clients. We specialise in Negotiation Persuading & Influencing programmes as well as High Impact Leadership courses.

Sue PRESTON profiile picture Susan Preston

Sue is Managing Director of the business and takes her personal experience into the training room in order to deliver events that are practical and applicable in today’s tough business world.   Sue has worked extensively over the past 25 years on both a global and national basis. Sue also appears as guest speaker at several business conferences around the world.

image1 (1).PNG  Jack Johnson

I’m Jack Johnson and work within the SLP Consulting & Training Ltd team. My role is Operations Manager and am here to help, support and guide you through any queries or questions going forward. My position in the company is to ensure that every client has a seamless, enjoyable and fruitful journey with us.

adam profile picAdam Johnson

Adam Johnson is a sales consultant who works in partnership with our team. Adam moved from the Security Industry to L&D some 3 years ago and now has the benefit of combining these unique skill sets into a guaranteed formula for sales success. Adam has been accredited with the ISM BESMA Judge accolade of which he is extremely proud.


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team work

SLP Consulting & Training Ltd work with a team of professional practitioners who deliver high quality training events on behalf of SLP Consulting & Training. The team provide personal profiles and all clients will select the most appropriate tutor for their specific event.






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